About us

CryptoBonusMiles (CBM), a universal bonus miles platform with loyalty multi-wallet, invites you to join and earn extra rewards in your favorite airlines loyalty programs.

Once you join CryptoBonusMiles, you will discover a unique opportunity:

·  Get extra rewards in native CBM reward points (tokens) in your existing airline loyalty programs, or join the new airline loyalty programs before your flight;

·  Use CBM tokens to get discounts on flight tickets and other benefits;

·  Earn even more CBM tokens through the referral program;

·  Convert CBM tokens into other cryptocurrencies.

Any airline passenger can sign up for CryptoBonusMiles (CBM), you only need to have at least one existing loyalty account at an airline supported by CryptoBonusMiles.

CryptoBonusMiles is free for everyone, there is no cost to participate. You may only have a single membership account on the platform. Once you register, you will receive a sign up bonus of 100 CBM, with further 100 CBM bonus granted for each airline loyalty program you add. Further to registration, CBM reward points accrue for every mile you log with the airline loyalty programs starting from the moment you have added the program at CryptoBonusMiles.

At present CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) is at the final stages of integration with the major airlines. Ultimately over 150 airlines will be supported with truly global coverage. CBM Shop and other features are being added. The online wallet will have all features and membership tools activated soon.