CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) evolves to the next level


CBM Blockchain Announcement


The CBM development team, due to the loss of several key developers of the CBM private blockchain in Ukraine, proceeds to issue the new CBM token on Polygon (MATIC) blockchain.


We made this decision to follow the roadmap milestones and not to stop the CryptoBonusMiles project development. Benefits of depolying the new CBM token on Polygon (MATIC) blockchain could be enumerated as follows:


1. Reliable Blockchain with ready-made infrastructure for CBM expansion

2. Integration with important exchanges

3. Very low Gas-fees (inside CBM infrastructure zero Gas-fee)

4. Fast integration with NFT marketplaces


We have already deployed TOKEN BRIDGE to exchange old CBM (both ERC20 and BEP2) for new CBM:



We encourage CryptoBonusMiles community to proceed with exchange as soon as possible, as legacy CBM tokens will not be supported/trading anymore. As announced earlier, the new CBM token is issued at the fixed rate of $0.01


Holders of old CBM who have purchased NFT Vouchers, please contact by email [email protected] for manual processing. Your bonuses will be paid to the wallet in which CBM NFT Vouchers and the new CBM are located.

Buy NFT Vouchers:

We hope this decision will enable the rapid progress of CryptoBonusMiles in the stable and technologically advanced environment.


The CBM roadmap will be further followed. We thank you for your support.


For more information and project updates:


The new CBM token on Polygon (MATIC) blockchain:




Modern bonus programs generate many small transactions, often under one dollar, and many users intend to convert bonus tokens into gifts or transfer them.

We have tested our CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) bonus program in the Ethereum and Binance blockchains for a long time and have found that the majority of users are disadvantaged by high gas fees, which makes no economic sense to transfer the bonus tokens because over 90% of the transactions contain amounts below $20.

After experimenting for a long time, we have decided to design and launch the own blockchain with zero gas fees! This means that CryptoBonusMiles users would convert their collected bonus points at any time and without any minimum limit to the amount. This will enable to build up a large community of CBM Blockchain users, especially in countries with low incomes, which can benefit from the bonus programs the most.

This will enable to launch the large number of partnerships (airlines, shops, etc.) as well, because the integration will be much easier and free of charge. We build integration tools that will facilitate smaller offline/online partners without programming skills to integrate their business with CBM Blockchain and benefit instantly.

On such great occasion, we release CryptoBonusMiles NFT Vouchers that offer their owners the opportunity to enjoy a significant Bonus on the exchange of legacy ERC20 and BEP2 CBM tokens into the new CBM token based on CBM Blockchain at launch.

We offer three levels of vouchers: Blue with 25% bonus, Gold with 50% bonus, and Platinum with 100% bonus.


For voucher sales we have chosen the OpenSea NFT platform, under the following link you can buy the vouchers at the most preferential rates (while stocks last): 









The cost of vouchers will be refunded to their owners in the new CBM tokens!


Each participant can buy any number of NFT vouchers. Voucher owners can further exchange them for the new CBM tokens at the launch of CBM Blockchain.

The issue price of the new CBM token on CBM Blockchain will be equal to $0.01, but there would be an opportunity to exchange the legacy ERC20 and BEP2 CBM tokens 1 to 1, that means the present holders will benefit! All you need is a CryptoBonusMiles NFT Voucher. Platinum vouchers allow to exchange up to 200000 legacy CBM tokens, Gold vouchers up to 100000, and blue vouchers up to 50000. If you have several vouchers they will be added together. For example, if you have 3 Platinum vouchers, you can exchange 600000 legacy CBM tokens at 1 to 1 ratio. All other token holders who do not have a voucher will exchange their legacy CBM tokens at the prevailing market rate.


In addition to that, the cost of vouchers will be refunded: for example, a participant has bought 10 Platinum vouchers with 0.3 ETH total cost; he/she is eligible to exchange the vouchers for 0.3 ETH in the new CBM tokens + 0.3 ETH in CBM bonus. The issue price of the new CBM token will be equal to $0.01, and vouchers will be redeemed at the ETH/CBM rate at the time of exchange, which means that in case the ETH price increases until the CBM Blockchain launch, the participants will benefit even more!

To demonstrate this, once a participant buys 10 Platinum vouchers for 0.3 ETH on November 16, 2021, which equals to approximately $1,288 in value, and later ETH price goes up and 0.3 ETH would be worth $2,000. The participant will receive a refund of 200,000 CBM for vouchers + 200,000 CBM bonus. That is valued $4,000 calculated at $0.01 CBM issue price. Further, the participant is eligible to exchange 2,000,000 legacy ERC20 or BEP2 CBM into the new CBM tokens at 1 to 1 ratio = $20,000. May profit greater than x10!

We are celebrating the own CBM Blockchain and offer special prizes for our participants!

Every participant who owns a Blue, Gold or Platinum Voucher gets a chance to win one of 10 Tesla Model 3, one of 100 iPhone 13 Pro or one of 100 iPad Air. Random draw will be held at the conclusion of the CryptoBonusMiles NFT Voucher sale.


Proceeds from the sale of vouchers will be utilized to integrate and list the new CBM token on crypto exchanges, for marketing purposes and also for the drawing of prizes. Specific CBM Blockchain launch dates and the new roadmap to be published soon.

Join the CryptoBonusMiles NFT Voucher sale while stocks last: